Ibiza is hip, trendy and not only popular for party enthusiasts, but also among entrepreneurs and digital nomads. The island is perfect for expanding your network and with some tricks you can further maximize your success on the white island. Below, I’ve summarized the best tricks and locations for your maximum networking success.

Ibiza’s vibrant historical old town Dalt Vila

Besides beautiful landscapes, beaches and parties, Ibiza also has numerous shops and attractions to offer, especially in the historic old town of Dalt Vila. This place attracts people from all over the world! Here you will meet tourists, digital nomads, creatives and business people and thanks to the relaxed atmosphere in the numerous bars, cafes and restaurants it is always easy to get into conversation – especially when you plunge into Dalt Vila’s vibrant nightlife. The old town is a great place to meet cool people, establish enriching contacts and expand your network with valuable international contacts. Particularly for people working from their laptops, Dalt Vila is a must as there are also excellent coworking spaces, which I will come back to later.

Ibiza’s best beach clubs and cafés to network

Is there a better way to connect with other people than in a relaxed and serene atmosphere? Of course not! And that’s why Ibiza is so perfect for networking! Especially the laid-back ambience of the countless beach clubs or cafes makes it is super easy to get into conversations with other people. For example, you can go to the Café Cappuccino at Marina Botafoch, which is super vibrant and offers great food in addition to an epic view towards Ibiza old town and the port. Right next to it you will also find the amazing Cafe Calma, which is also super recommendable to check out, if you want to meet up with interesting people from everywhere in the world. 

Another great location for adding new contacts are the various beach clubs on the island, where people of all ages come together to enjoy a perfect day by beach. Especially the south of the island offers amazing beach clubs like Nassau Beach Club, Malibu Beach Club, Beachouse or Experimental Beach. The maritime flair and the excellent food will positively influence your success on making new contacts. Since Beachouse and Nassau Beach Club are also located near many popular party locations, heaps of party guests bustle about here throughout the day and – with their exuberant vibes – additionally loosen up the atmosphere. But also the all-in-white beach club Cotton Beach Club at Cala Tarida or CBBC – Cala Bassa Beach Club at the same named bay are very popular for meeting up with international people. 

If you are especially looking for contacts to entrepreneurs, high society or island workers, then you simply cannot miss out on the famous Blue Marlin. This beach club is located in the beautiful bay of Cala Jondal and is the perfect place to expand your network with more exciting contacts. Particularly for digital nomads, a visit to one of the many beach clubs is worthwhile, because here you can make important contacts from a wide range of industries, which can take your own business to a new level.


Ibiza’s networking hotspot bars and restaurants

In addition to the beach clubs and cafés, the numerous restaurants and bars on the island are ideal for getting to know new people. Particularly popular places are the Pacha Restaurant & Sushi Lounge and the Bar Anita. The former will surely be familiar to many of you. This outstanding restaurant is located in the world-famous Club Pacha and is well attended before the events. Here you can establish contacts to party guests from all over the world and then dance the night away at Pacha Club. An absolute insider tip though is the Bar Anita. This tapas bar is an absolute hotspot – especially for locals. The bar has a great ambience and excellent food, which is why many people come here to relax and enjoy their balmy summer evenings. If you are serious about expanding your network then you have to pay this place a visit, it’s totally worth it!

Ibiza’s most loved markets and festivals

Hippie markets belong to Ibiza like fish in the water. The markets regularly take place all around the island and attract artists, spiritual and creative people as well as normal tourists. If you are looking for contacts to these people, then you should visit the markets in Cala Benirrás, Las Dalias or Punta Arabí.

If you are more in search of contacts to the (electronic) music scene then you should attend the International Music Summit (IMS) at Dalt Vila! It only takes place once a year for three days and attracts music-loving visitors as well as musicians, producers and managers from all around the globe. This festival is considered to be one of the most important summits in the EDM and techno scene and simply invites you to network! I also want to emphasize that the parties around Ibiza in general are absolutely crazy and ingenious. Ibiza relies on its music scene since people from all over the world gather here to party. And this is why it’s super easy to meet new and cool people on this magical island. So, if you want to establish a lot of international contacts, then visiting one of the bigger events is definitely a must!


As mentioned earlier, Ibiza is incredibly popular among entrepreneurs and digital nomads. The weather is pleasant all year round, the island attracts people from all over the world (perfect for networking) and there are plenty of coworking spaces! Thus, for example, new entrepreneurs or start-ups do not need to rent their own office space, but can use the coworking spaces to drive their business, even if they are on a low budget. The most popular ones are:

  • CoWorking Ibiza
  • theHUB. Ibiza
  • The Business Space
  • Origen Ibiza
  • Cowork Ibiza
  • Coworking Santa Eulalia
  • Aasgard Ibiza
  • PROJECT Ibiza

Coworking spaces are a wonderful alternative to bars, restaurants, beach bars etc. to meet new people. Here you get to know other digital nomads and entrepreneurs, with whom you can exchange ideas about your projects or simply be inspired by their stories. In most cases, important business contacts are established here that will lead to new projects in the future. It also exists a great cohesion and solidarity among digital nomads which is why people often recommend each other and therefore mutually boost their businesses together.

Use Social Media to establish new contacts

Social media has become an indispensable part of our everyday life and can be of a great advantage on Ibiza, if you use it properly. For example, there are numerous Ibiza Facebook pages or Ibiza worker groups on Facebook, where you can easily meet new people on the island and connect with like-minded people. But you can also search for interesting people on Instagram, follow the geolocation Ibiza or #Ibiza and simply contact people directly. However, the networking potential of one particular app is still unknown to many: Tinder! Presumably, you are now asking yourself how to make contacts for your business by using Tinder. It’s actually quite simple – just state in your profile that you are looking for a place to live, new business contacts or friends, and be sure to mention what you are not looking for, e.g. one-night-stands. My experiences so far have been very good and I have already been able to make many valuable new contacts on the island via Tinder. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

As you can see, Ibiza is predestined for networking and offers so many different ways to meet new people. The maritime flair, serene atmosphere and international clientele are a perfect match to expand your network and take the next step in your business or digital nomad career.


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