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Wow! I guess the beginning of 2019 could not be more intense to me. Finishing my last exams at university, writing my master thesis about location independent work and running my social media business with my clients was very demanding and challenging in the last months. So I am even more satisfied now that everything is finished and that I can completely focus on my business goals and go TRAVELLING again! And indeed that is really what I need right now, especially during these rainy days in Germany. I cannot wait for the next season on my favorite isle Ibiza starting from May. But previously there is another travel highlight that I would love to share with you guys. I am so happy and blessed that JoinMyTrip from Hamburg just invited me to an exciting trip to Andalusia in the beginning of April. And the best: you will have the chance to win the last available space to join our group and spend four awesome days in Seville and the regions nearby – but more about the raffle later on.

JoinMyTrip is perfect for everyone who loves travelling, exploring new destinations and meeting new people. Basically it is a community that organizes unique trips around the world while bringing people together who love to organize trips and realize their own travel dreams with people who rather like to relax and join trips where everything is planned already so that they do not have to organize everything by themselves. I really love the concept and I am so excited to join the trip in April! What is also perfect next to sharing memories and experiences in a travel group, is to share the costs of the journey in comparison to solo travelling.

As a tripmate you can just relax and enjoy the trip as your tripleader will take care of your journey, accomodation and makes suggestions how to spend the time perfectly. It is a really nice way to have time for your own and also meet new people, share travel experiences and make them to unforgettable memories! And it works super easy: Browsing through the journeys all over the world, contacting the tripleader, introducing yourself and as soon as the tripleader confirmed your request, the trip can start and you can pack your bags.

If you rather like organizing trips and if you have many spots on your travel bucket list and want to make them to a very special journey as you like, you could also become the tripleader and define the destination, the activities and everything around. You can share your draft in the community and choose the fitting people to come with you. It’s up to you to define the price and so you can also get a kind of reward for your ideas and efforts of course. Our tripleader will be Anna from JoinMyTrip itself and I could not think of a better guide for this trip to Andalusia. Anna already lived in Sevilla  for one year and worked there as a tour guide, so she knows the best secret spots for us. She already shared her great ideas with us and just as a sneak preview: we will explore Seville as the city has so much to offer with its history, architecture and Mediterranean lifestyle and see all the charming white villages nearby, make a road trip through Andalusia and visit Cadiz. And of course not to forget – enjoying the sun and eating a lot of Tapas! It sounds absolutely perfect to me and I can´t wait to start.


Especially for digital nomads it is common to travel on their own. So I guess this platform is a nice alternative as you do not have to adjust with friends or family for the date that suits for everybody and so you can just decide by yourself where to go and when to start. It’s always so inspiring for me to meet new people and lifestyles by exploring the world! I think you always grow during your travels and that you will come back as another person with so much more insights and experiences.

As we have one place left, I would be sooo happy if someone from my community would spend the time from 05.-08. April with @nickeeyy, @thetravellette, @beforewedie.travel, Anna and me in Andalusia and create unforgettable memories together! https://www.joinmytrip.de/t/unique-andalusia-contest. The raffle is still open till 24.03.2019 at 23.59 pm. With a little bit of luck we will see each other very soon! I am really looking forward and will keep you updated about this trip on my Franzis Footprints Instagram Channel. 🙂

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