(The following post includes non-paid advertisement for the thermal bath Therme Bad Wörishofen, as invitation.)

A pleasant stay at the spa is exactly what most of us would need right now. Especially during those cold winter months, right? Therefore let me tell you more about our wonderful and relaxing day at the thermal bath “Therme Bad Wörishofen”, with the recommendation to check that place out on your own, as it is just soooo good!

Before i start off, I  want to speak out my appreciation to the team of this wonderful Spa because they luckily invited me to spend a day at their thermal bath with lots of pleasing surprises awaiting me. To be honest, it turned out to be a phenomenal one.


Huge pool & sauna paradise – chillout under real palm trees

First, I would like to respond to the huge variety of opportunities that have been offered here. A huge thermal bath paradise with real palm trees under which you can make yourself comfortable, an incredible spa and sauna area to relax, a sports and adventure pool area with a few slides for fun and action and the “Thermen Galeria”, which is a small shopping center right inside the building. The bath itself also has a few different types of health pools,  where you have a sulfur bath, a brine pool, an iodine and selenium pool and a calcium and lithium pool. I wanted to experience the full healing power and all the beneficial qualities of those baths. Indeed a high quality experience guaranteed.

With a whole day of relaxation, great food, several pools, a 30 min massage and different saunas, there was nothing in my way of having a real chilled time. Indeed there was a high quality experience guaranteed. After the last few weeks of continuous business development and the writing of my master’s thesis, I was burnt out and therefore I really needed a day off like this!

More than 15 themed sauna and wellness attractions as well as varied infusion and beauty extras took us to an unforgettable wellness experience. Also very pleasant were the various deep and relaxation flavors and fragrances, provided by Kneipp. Although you could even bake bread in one of the saunas, the meditation sauna with its big calming aquarium with huge fishes inside was my personal highlight.


After some time of relaxing, we had the first two saunas behind us and we went straight to lunch to have a delicious and healthy  meal. A special class of culinary variety provided by two high quality Restaurants ! Classic dishes and new interpretations. Fresh ingredients and delicious food of all kinds and a huge selection. Thus, there was definitely something for everyone. I’d had a fresh fish with plenty of vegetables.

Massage or cocktails ? I take both! 

I couldn’t say no to that offer! After hours and even days of sitting and working on my laptop for all the projects and tasks, which currently consume a lot of time, there is nothing better than a nice massage like the one I got at the ´Day Spa Juwel´. That left no more wishes open.

Between our other saunas sessions in the amazing outdoor area – which was very pleasant by its warm and cozy lighting – we checked out the bar, right on the poolside. Of course, we treated ourselves with one or two cocktails and our choice fell on a good old “Sex on the Beach”. At the Therme Bad Wörishofen you can enjoy some cool drinks directly from the pool bar at the water. What a privilege! Sometimes even my buddy DJ Zoom.Like is having a play set at the poolside. No doubt this is an extra special occasion to check out this place!


To sum up on the whole, I have to say, the stay was just amazing! As I mentioned at the beginning, it just feels so good to treat yourself best at a warm spa every now and then. I was able to switch off my mind very well to create space again for new ideas. Which in my case makes up a large part of my job.

I cannot express enough of my gratitude to the Therme Bad Wörishofen for this great day.

If you are interested in visiting that awesome place as well, it is recommendable to reserve a spot for a massage in advance before you come, so you can be sure to relax at your very best! And if you are near Munich or around my hometown Augsburg, the thermal bath is just 45 min-1,5 hours away. Definitely worth a trip, especially in winter!  

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