You want to know how it feels like when you are on top of Germany? Then it’s time for a visit at the Zugspitz area, where you can also find the beautiful lake Eibsee. I never expected something that beautiful in Germany, so better keep on reading now, if you want to know more about this magical place!


360° panorama view over Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland

Have you ever been to the highest mountain of Germany and Lake Eibsee which is located right at the base of the Zugspitze and has beautiful emerald crystal clear water? If not, this definitely has to be on your bucket list!

At the top of the Zugspitze you can get an impressive 360° panorama view over 400 mountain peaks in four countries. You can see Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland from above! How amazing is this? The Zugspitze is the highest point of Germany with 9,718 feet/2,962 metres above sea level and it’s a part of the Wettersteingebirge of the Bavarian Alps. This mountain is located in the south of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and there are three glaciers on the flanks of it, including the two largest of Germany.

How to get up to the Zugspitz top?

There are three different ways to get up there: The first one is the cableway “Tiroler Zugspitzbahn”, which starts in Ehrwald.The second possibility is the cable car “Bayerische Zugspitzbahn”, departing in the district Garmisch of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. And the third one is the “Seilbahn Zugspitze”, that starts right from the Lake Eibsee. Unfortunately, at the latter was an accident recently, which is the reason why this cable car was closed the last time when we got there. Let us hope they are going to open it again before the ski seasons starts, as it is for me the most beautiful way to go up to the top.

A true paradise for climbers and wanderers

The Zugspitze was first climbed on 27 August 1820 by Josef Naus with one assistant and a mountain guide. Today there are three main routes to the top for climbers and hikers. The easiest route “Partnachklamm” is 21 km long and starts in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where  aren’t any sophisticated parts. There are three mountain huts on the route and you can do the route within one or two days. If you are an inexperienced climber, you should definitely book a mountain guide, who will lead you safely to the top.

Natural and historical discovery tour of the alps

If you made it up there, either by foot or by cable car, there is a lot to discover. There is a interactive museum about the Zugspitze for example, which is called “Faszination Zugspitze”, and the good thing about this is, that the entry is even included in your ticket.

In the exhibition you will learn about the historical developments of Germany’s most famous mountain, how it changed since Josef Naus climbed it and about the different railways and the modernization of them. Absolute highlight is a presentation of a film, which shows the spectacles of nature on the mountain peak, from sunrise to sunset, from snow, wind, sun and rain and a glass floor, which enables you to look down onto the Zugspitz mountain approximately 200m below.

zugspitze panorama

Sunbathing and winter sport go hand in hand at the Zugspitze

To recharge your batteries after a wonderful hike or climbing tour, there are also two restaurants, where you can enjoy your food with a unique view over hundreds of mountain peaks. Reward yourself with some delicious Bavarian and Austrian food and a cold Almdudler, beer or a hot chocolate, while being surrounded by stunning nature.

When the weather is good, you can even sunbath in a cozy deckchair and take a nap on 3000m altitude. But don´t forget your sunscreen, because the sun is super strong up there. Especially in winter, when the sun reflects in the snow. Trust me, it’s even an high risk of sunburn, also for always-tanned people like me :D.

In winter you can also conquer the slopes of a very big ski resort of Germany, as this area includes 5 lifts and 12 different slopes. It’s not the biggest ski area, but definitely the highest in Germany and the one with the most impressive view. It is just perfect for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and tobogganing. I really can´t wait for this years ski season to open up again, as I completely missed the last winter, while travelling through South East Asia. If you see someone making the slopes unsafe, it´s probably me then… :D. I can literally hear the apres-ski parties calling!!!

Refresh yourself in the emerald water of Lake Eibsee

Right at the base of the Zugspitze you can find the amazing Lake Eibsee with his emerald crystal clear water. The lake is 32,5 m deep, has 8 beautiful islands and a surface of 1796 km2. The lake is surrounded by forest and there is a path around where you can take a relaxed walk and enjoy the stunning nature. You will come across some beautiful instagrammable spots, where you just don’t want to stop taking pictures. Especially the view from above with a drone is just breathtaking!

If the weather is good, bring a blanket and take a nap on the white pebble beach with a stunning panoramic view. Lake Eibsee has a really good water quality and the water temperature in summer is around 20-22 degrees. It’s also perfect for children and dogs since the water is shallow on the shore and invites for a swim in the emerald water. For the more active people there is also a boat and stand-up-paddle rental.


Strengthen yourself  with some Bavarian Food or relax at the Eibsee Hotel

If all of this made you hungry, you should definitely get some hearty Bavarian food in the restaurant right by the lake and enjoy a typical Bavarian “Weißbier” and a delicious sausage or Wiener Schnitzel. If you want to enjoy this beautiful place a little longer, you can even stay in the four stars Eibsee Hotel, which is located right between the lake and the mountains.

Do you consider now to plan your trip to the Zugspitze and Lake Eibsee? I’m sure, whether you are a winter sports enthusiast, hiker, climber, nature lover, romantic or sun worshipper, you will love the Zugspitz area and Lake Eibsee and definitely should not be missed on your personal bucket list!


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