What do you associate with the island of Ibiza? Maybe unique nightlife, crazy parties and the best DJ’s in the world? How about discovering the magical island from another side? Do not longer think that Ibiza is just a wild party island, it’s so much more! With my insider tips for the more hidden spots on Ibiza you will get to know the true beauty of the island with its incredible nature. 

Ibiza offers stunning sceneries, long white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. I lived and worked on Ibiza for six months last year and i am now back for my second summer season. I did not spend my time just at the typical beaches like the famous Playa d’en Bossa, but I discovered true secret beaches on Ibiza, that I would not want to hide from you! These tips you will not find in any travel guide of the world, so better add them now to your bucket list!

Secret Beaches Ibiza

Cala Llentrisca

Highly recommended if you fancy a pristine beach, surrounded by beautiful pine trees! Here you can perfectly sunbathe in peace, read a book, go snorkeling and much more. The only condition for this day trip is, that you like adventures & have proper footwear with you! Sorry guys – but Birkenstock’s does not count (I know what I’m talking about, I’ve tried it and experienced it as a big mistake)!

Cala Llentrisca is one of the most outlying places in Ibiza, away from the traffic and noise. But even the walk down to the beach is an awesome adventure with breathtaking views over the ocean and surrounding nature! 

How to go there? Cala Llentrisca is located in the western part of the island, south of Es Cubells. Park your scooter or car at the top of the parking place and better check the route on Google Maps in advance, because the internet connection here is not the best. And even if you take the wrong track – a short detour is always worth it, as you discover even more great places. Because of its rocky path it’s not recommended to go there with older people or children. And better take some food and drinks with you, because there is no restaurant nearby.

Secret beach Ibiza Cala Llentrisca

Punta Galera

You will find this unique and beautiful beach north of San Antonio, between Cala Gracio and Cala Salada. These two beaches are super busy in the summer, which is why Punta Galera offers a great alternative.

Punta Galera is protected by cliffs and natural stone formations, which gives a very special flair and make (sun)bathing here a real experience. This beach is not only great for sunbathers, but also for doing yoga and meditating. Due to its flat ground, Punta Galera is very well suited for that. Just switch off and let your mind wander! 

Unfortunately, there are just a few shady spots here, so it’s best to come in the early morning or in the afternoon for an evening bath. Afterwards, you can enjoy a very spectacular sunset there with its purple and orange colors.

Arrived there, you will find another secret beach just 100 meters away! Once, I mistakenly took a wrong path and came across this beautiful patch of earth. When you arrive at Punta Galera, turn left and take the path along the cliffs. After about 100 meters you will arrive at the end of the rocks, from where you can get down to the beach. You should definitely should make this little detour!

Secret Beach Punta Galera

S’lllot d’es Rencli

S´Illot d´es Renci convinces not only because it is a beautiful beach but also because of its incredible flair. You can reach S’lllot d’es Rencli in about 30 minutes, starting from Ibiza town and in about 40 minutes from San Antonio. The ride is worth it in any case!

Park your car or scooter at the top of the ledge, where you can find enough parking lots and a small restaurant. There you can enjoy super delicious seafood or rice dishes with a perfect sea view. Another insider tip: On top of the roofs of the old fishermen’s huts you have the perfect view over the sweet little bay.And of course, the unspoiled beach with its crystal-clear water, beautiful sandy beach and the surrounding flora and fauna convinced me so much, that i already came back there this season. Here you can totally enjoy your free time while relaxing or swimming and snorkeling in the Med!

S´illot des Rencli secret beach ibiza


Time for snorkeling! Do not forget to pack your snorkeling utensils when you come here. This beautiful beach can be found in the southeast of Ibiza, near of Roca Llisa.  S’Estanyol is very sheltered from the wind and therefore it has very calm water. You will find a great underwater world with even some hidden caves there! And what else is perfect for snorkeling? – crystal clear water. You definitely find that here!

This quiet and hidden beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing or snorkeling in the incredible warm sea. When you go into the water, watch out for the sharp rocks so you do not hurt yourself. Enjoy a great beach day on this very special beach of Ibiza! A real unique place!

Es Niu des Aguila

Last but not least I will reveal my absolute favorite spot on the magical island Ibiza! Please promise me that you will check out this awesome place, you will not regret it! This is the perfect place for me, if I am in the mood for relaxation, need some peace and want to enjoy the day completely for me. Also here, some hiking is waiting for you if you want to discover this secret place. Grab a scooter or a car to get to Es Niu des Aguila in the southwest of the island. It’s best to drive to Ses Boques – from there you continue by foot.

After about 30 minutes walking you have reached this pristine 200m long dream beach. There are hardly any tourists here – just you and maybe a few other residents. Absolutely worth it to check out! But please take enough water with you when you come and definitely something to eat, because there is no restaurant or kiosk. If you want to find out more about this special beach, also check out my further, a bit more detailed article about Es Niu de´s Aguila, my absolute favorite secret beach on Ibiza!

Es Niu des Aguila secret beach Ibiza
Now there should not be missing anything to make your next Ibiza vacation to a breathtaking experience. Don’t forget to add these 5 beaches to your bucket list when you visit the most magical island of the Baleares!

Secret Beaches on Ibiza

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