12 weeks – 1:1 LIVE Coaching via Skype or Zoom call


We work together in 12 personal coaching sessions. Each video-call via Skype or Zoom will be tailored to your needs and previous experiences. Every meeting/coaching session will be arranged individually, fitting to your preferred time slots. In addition to the regular calls, it is an essential part of the 12 weeks program to get permanent WhatsApp support where needed. With this, I can also help you between the calls, remind you of your to-does and answer all your questions along the way.

It is time to leave your very unique footprints in this world!

  • I help you to finally put your dream into action
  • I am guiding you into your own freedom life 
  • Together we create a strong brand and spread your message 

Topics and content of the online coaching via Skype-/Zoom-Video-Call:

  • Personal Branding / Brand building
  • Conception, goal setting and targeting 
  • Positioning, strategic planning, step-by-step guidance
  • Social Media Management & Marketing planning 
  • Content Creation, Content Management and Cross Promotion
  • Support with building up your own website and graphic design
  • Instruction of the different useful online-tools & project management 
  • Monetizing & showing innovative alternatives on how to earn money online
  • Access to my extensive business network in the fields of online marketing, business development, personal development, location independent work and digital nomadism 
  • Motivation, supervision of the individual steps towards your goals, evaluation of you set goals


12 weeks – just you and me, working on your bright future!

Why I decided to offer this program for 1111€ instead of the normal price of 1332 €?

Cause I want you to follow your passion and finally take action!!

As I am a spiritual soul and absolutely into energy work, I chose this very special angel number 1111, because it is all about new beginnings and starting over. If you feel like your life is going nowhere, you can think of this angel number as a wake-up call. 

This is the Universe way of communicating with you, telling you that a big change is about to happen in your life. Now is the right time to make your dreams come true. By committing yourself to this 12 weeks program, you give yourself the confirmation that your desires get transferred into reality and you are ready for taking on responsibility for a better tomorrow! 

Let us create your freedom life together!! I am ready. Are you?

How to sign up for the 12 weeks program:

Please select your preferred time and date for the first call (1 hour) via my Calendly-Link and follow the instructions there. When booking a coaching with me, you agree that we store personal data shown in the booking form. For further information have a look at our Privacy Policy.

If you can´t/ don´t want to pay the full prize in once, I can also offer you a payment plan of two rates (each 555,50 Euro). Therefore please tell me in the notes of the Calendly form (where you select your preferred date and time for the first call and fill in your contact details), that you want to pay in two rates.

After you have booked your preferred coaching time on Calendly, you will receive a booking confirmation and a welcome email with the coaching program invoice. Please follow the further instructions there. Payment is required during 7 days after booking via Calendly and latest before the date of the first call. Please send me a screenshot from the transfer via e-mail back to finalize the booking process. The bank details for the transfer you will find in the invoice.



If you still have any open questions, always feel free to contact me via info@franzis-footprints.com by using the subject “12 weeks program”.

I cannot wait to start working with you! <3