Hi friends,

I am Franzi (26) from the south of Germany and I am a  digital Nomad. Or let´s be more precisely: I work as a location independent Online Coach, Blogger and Social Media and Project Manager, while I am travelling the world! This may sound like a joke to you or just too good to be true, but for me it became reality. So I started this blog to share my experiences and impressions with you. I write my blogposts to show you a bit out of my life and to give you travel tips and recommendations about beautiful destinations, different cultures and ways of living. On top to that, i have made it to my first goal to help others with my knowledge to reach their life goals too! For that i also offer 1-to-1 Skype Coaching Calls, where we can speak about topics like how to travel solo, how to create a location independent (having the chance to travel the world while working online), how to start/push your Instagram channel to the next level and much more!

I believe in a world, where people can combine their work and private life with their hobbies and dreams to create a much more healthier work-life-balance than a traditional 9 to 5 job normally causes. Being stuck in a daily routine and caught in a conventional life is for an open-minded Aquarius like me really lethal. This is why I wanted to see the world to experience, if there is a different form of living out there. So, I was searching for a new and creative living concept, that fits better to me and my character and which is able to make me happy in the end. My journey started on the magical island Ibiza, where I finally found what I was always looking for: Total freedom and inner peace! In my mind, my soul and my heart. This island and its people inspired and motivated me to take the chances life gives you sometimes and just go with the flow.

Now I mainly work remotely with my laptop from all over the world and have the possibility to go wherever I want to go. Because I am able to see so many beautiful places, I want to share my experiences and impressions with you. I will write down some reviews, recommendations and tips about what this wonderful world has to offer. On top I want to inspire you to think out of the box and to live the life you´ve ever dreamed of in any kind of way. You can do it, if you just leave your comfy sofa and your TV, jump in the next plane and just go! In the end, I also wanted to say “sorry” for my definitely not-perfect English. But I´ve decided to run this blog in THE global language, so that most of you are able to understand me. And for those, who want to get to know me a bit better, I give you now some more personal details about myself:

#personalfacts #totallyme

Words cannot describe how much I HATE FLYING! This is also the reason, why I have to dope myself with a lot of beer or/and wine (especially the mixture of it is not really recommendable!) before each flight. And on top I HATE being jetlagged. No wonder that I feel horrible as f*** after shivering scared on my seat with loads of tranquilizers. BUT: If you want to see the world you have to take that risk. Unfortunately!

But enough now with these negative things, let´s “focus on the good things”! This is also exactly that meaningful quote, which I got tattooed next to my heart. In total, I have four of them. The first one was the Italian quote “danzare e volare”, which I got tattooed on my right foot at the age of 18. And the third one, I mainly got thanks to a friend of mine from Ibiza, who put that bee in my bonnet. Spontaneously we went together to the tattoo shop in Playa d´en Bossa, where I made a compass with the coordinates of Ibiza at my left arm joint. What may sound like a stupid teenage idea, while being super drunk on party holidays, is for me more THE sign of restart. Because Ibiza has really set me free. This magical island was the beginning of my crazy journey and the first step into my new future life as a digital nomad. Besides my addiction to travel, I’m a passionate dancer. I´ve started as a little child with professional ballet dancing before my too-cool-for-school-teenage-me wanted to replace classical dance with urban hip hop. This was, by the way, one of my worst decisions in my life, because with this, I´ve really missed the big chance to work in that field someday. But since a few years, I totally fell in love with Latin rhythms like Salsa, Merengue, Reggeatón etc., which I practice whenever it´s possible: Preferably at the beach! But my definitely craziest tattoo is the little footprint tattoo on the inner side of my left heel. This one I got on Koh Phangan in Thailand with one of my travel buddies jut 2 days after New Years Eve in 2018. Call me a weirdo but we got tatted in the night of the Fullmoon Party and it was sooo much fun. He got the same tattoo now, by the way! A pair of cute little footprints on his foot. And even though it was such a spontaneous action, we have never regret it since then and we will always have a wonderful memory of an amazing time together.

I´ve studied Sports-, Event- and Media Management (Applied Media: Bachelor of Arts) in Munich and right now I am doing the last semester of my Master studies in Intercultural Communication. But luckily, I don´t have lectures anymore, just a few exams to write, which allows me to work remotely and to go on with traveling. On top I am totally addicted to seafood, Spanish tapas, Italian pasta and pizza AND Bavarian “Käsespätzle”, especially when they are made by the best grandma in the world. Namely MINE <3!

One of my biggest vices is Netflix! Because I can really lose myself in the episodes of SUITS, White Collar or Blacklist. This sometimes really kills my whole productivity. (Am I actually allowed to name that here in public…? *This is no product placement or a sponsored posting*). When I am not writing, posting, traveling, eating, sleeping, dancing or chatting, I really love to go for a run or to the gym, even though I do that too rarely. Shame on me. And when I am not on the road or somewhere lost at a beautiful place OR in the middle of doing sport, I am enjoying some quality time with my family and friends (most of them I know since I was a little child. Thank god, they still have the patience to endure me and are always there for me even when I am currently on the other side of the world!

If you need me, you´ll find me at the beach! Or just contact me via E-Mail.

I can´t wait to get in touch with you!