“Ich bin ein Berliner” – a famous phrase by John F. Kennedy with a very special, deeper meaning: Everyone is welcome in Berlin and as soon as you arrive in this city you are a part of it! People here are so welcoming and cosmopolitan which is why I love this city so much. And as the German speaking DNX festival takes place in Berlin each year, it is always a great opportunity for me to visit this vibrant city over and over again.

DNX festival – high-value workshops and lots of networking

No matter where they take place, DNX festivals (Digital Nomad Experience) are always worth a visit. Especially, if you want to work location independent or start your own online business. Each time sublime speakers are invited that talk about different topics such as business development, networking, mindset and personal development. In specialized workshops, festival participants can immerse deeper into the different entrepreneurial topics, establish new contacts and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Especially, I like the framework program. Whether you go to clubs with other DNX festival visitors or sit in the park together and listen to music – you can always meet new, interesting people and expand your network. This festival offers something for everyone. I met a lot of people from my already existing network again and also old acquaintances from my time working for the DNX in the field of project and social media management. My personal highlight was eating out with the founders of DNX and former colleagues at Hummus & Friends. A great restaurant in Berlin-Mitte with a laid-back atmosphere and excellent food!

Carnival of Cultures – the melting pot for people from everywhere in the world

A special highlight during my stay was to visit the Carnival of Cultures. This colorful, diverse and international street festival has been taking place every year since 1995 and attracts visitors from all over the world. Here Berlin’s diversity is particularly reflected! You will meet Brazilian samba dancers, German folk musicians, Chinese lion dancers and African drummers while treating yourself with food and crafts from around 350 different stands. The absolute highlight, however, is the colorful procession in which each nation celebrates its culture. You can follow the moving carriages and have an incredible amount of fun with all the wonderful people dancing to music from all over the world. If you ever find yourself to be in Berlin around this time of the year, then you shouldn’t miss out on this outstanding event!

Berlin’s different districts and crazy party scene

But not only the Carnival of Cultures shows how diverse and cosmopolitan Berlin is. The individual districts also reflect the city’s international flair. Each district is a world to its own and home to people from all around the globe. My favorite districts are Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Ku’damm, Friedrichshain and Berlin-Mitte. These districts could not be more different. Each one of them is characterized by a variety of cultures, which is reflected in the shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Especially when it is good weather, the numerous parks in these districts invite you for a cozy day in the sun. Go and check out one of these awesome parks with their pleasant and relaxed atmosphere where people of all ages meet, chill out, rejoice life and enjoy their day.

But don’t forget about Berlin’s amazing music scene which largely contributes to turning the city into a cultural melting pot. No matter what music genre you fancy, you’ll find your personal taste in one of the city’s numerous clubs. The most prominent music scene, though, is the techno scene. People from all over the world come to Berlin to dance to the sickest electronic beats in the best techno clubs that the city has to offer. One of the most famous ones are Berghain, Watergate, CDV (Club der Visionäre), Sisyphos and Kater Blau. Definitely a must to check out when being a fan of dark and dirty underground techno. 

Hotel tips for a perfect stay at Ku’damm or Tiergarten

During my stay in Berlin I was invited to stay at two very special hotels in Berlin: Hotel Pullmann Berlin Schweizerhof in Tiergarten and Hollywood Media Hotel at Berlin’s famous Ku‘damm. 

The Hotel Pullmann Berlin Schweizerhof is absolutely stunning! It’s right next to Berlin’s famous sub district Tiergarten with great shop, restaurants and bar just around the corner. The hotel’s location is perfect since you can get to major attractions in no time. My room was absolutely beautiful: spacious and modern with a big flat screen, cozy bed and a spectacular view of the adjacent park. The hotel itself offers a luscious breakfast, great pool, sauna, wellness area and a really cool gym area with modern equipment and a great view over the pool area. If you’re looking for a cozy yet modern hotel in the heart of Berlin then check out the Pullmann!

The second hotel I was lucky to stay at was the Hollywood Media Hotel at the Ku’damm. This area is quite chic and with lots of different shops, bars, restaurants and clubs. I highly enjoyed staying here because this hotel is really special – it’s all about the movie and entertainment industry! Each room has its own name with a picture of a famous person attached to the room door. The hotel itself has great decorations including movie equipment, film posters and pictures of famous movie stars. Stepping into the hotel you have the feeling of being at a movie premiere while walking over a red carpet towards the reception. The hotel also has a gym area, sauna and a great little café to relax at after an exhausting day of sightseeing or shopping.

Berlin is a great and vibrant city. No matter if you like visiting museums, historical sights, want go shopping or simply like to dance the night away – Germany’s capital city offers a huge variety of activities and never grows old!!

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