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Day 1: From comfort food (Hut-Essen) to mesmerizing shows in the snow

After a two-hour drive from Munich we arrived at our hotel in the afternoon and were then transferred to Hochfügen, where we were welcomed by representatives of the Zillertal tourism association. After an introduction and outline of the plan for our next 4 days we headed to the rustic restaurant Aar Wirt which is located at one of the mountains in Hochfügen. The building itself as well as the interior and furniture are completely made out of wood which was very appealing and instantly gave us a warm and cozy feeling. For dinner we had some kind of a table barbecue which is called “Hut-Essen”.


It’s pretty much like a raclette with one exception: the grill has the shape of a hat! It’s funny to look at it, but even more amusing to cook on it. The brim functions as a small pot. It’s filled with a delicious broth. The hat’s crown can be used as a grill for your bacon, beef, pork, chicken or veggies. This way of cooking and eating is a guarantee for a great convivial evening with lots of fun, amusing conversations and feel-good atmosphere.

With full bellies and happy hearts we walked down to the ski station to attend the “Fire meets Snow” show in Hochfügen. Unfortunately, it started snowing quite heavily but we were still able to enjoy the fire and laser shows as well as the mind-blowing stunts that were performed by freestyle skiers and snowboarders. It’s truly amazing what these athletes are capable of! If you come and stay near Hochfügen make sure you visit one of the many events they offer – it’s totally worth it!

DAY 2: Skiing on the glacier of Hintertux

After breakfast we headed off to the Hintertux glacier. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side and it just kept on snowing like hell which made skiing very dangerous. We decided to stop off at one of the huts, have a drink and little warm-up. Skiing became increasingly difficult, even for experienced skiers like me, so we decided to take things slow and then went for lunch at the restaurant Spannagelhaus. We were hoping for the snow to end, but mother nature apparently had different plans for the day.

In the end we got kind of evacuated with a piste basher since it was too dangerous to ski down into the valley due to poor visibility. I must say, it was quite a funny experience driving down the slopes with the piste basher. We then headed back to our hotel and completed our day with a visit at our hotel’s sauna. Luckily, I have been to this glacier before during my trip with Jochen Schweizer and therefore I wasn’t too sad about not exploring the region that day. If you’re interested in what you can see and do around the Hintertux glacier then check out my blogpost “Experience yourself like never before!” with Jochen Schweizer – The ultimate once in a lifetime experience at the Hintertux Glacier in the Austrian alps.

DAY 3: From Hochfügen to Kaltenbach – skiing under blue skies and enjoying good food with stunning views

Our first destination for our third day was the Holzalm, a rustic and cute hut, located on a mountain in Hochfügen. On an altitude of 1935 meters we enjoyed a lovely and tasty breakfast before heading off to our skiing adventure. The skiing area of Hochfügen and Hochziller is huge. We had so much fun racing down the slopes together and the weather was just purely amazing. It’s hard to describe how beautiful this place and view were: clear blue skies that encompassed the mountain ranges creating breathtaking panoramic views and snow glinting in the sunshine making the mountainside look like a starlit sky. The absolute perfect ski day!!


After taking as many pictures as possible we moved on to the skiing area of Kaltenbach which was equally stunning. For lunch we stopped at Albergo – a modern and elegant restaurant with breathtaking panoramic views and delicious Italian cuisine. We spent quite a long time here having great conversations, taking amazing pictures and enjoying our meal. Exhausted (but also very happy) we returned to our hotel for dinner.

DAY 4: Good morning skiing from the Zillertal Arena to Gerlos and luxurious mountainside lodging

After a good night’s sleep we set off for our good morning skiing tour at the Zillertal Arena in Zell am Ziller. Let me tell you one thing: getting up at 6:30 am might be a bit hard, but it absolutely pays off! Sitting in the warm morning sun surrounded by stunning nature in winter wonderland… these are the small moments in life I cherish most! The whole scene just looked like a painting. After this mesmerizing experience we had wholesome breakfast at the hut Kreuzwiesenalm, where we enjoyed a variety of cheeses and cold cuts, eggs and bacon, yogurt and jams. Energized and ready for our day we made our way to the slopes again.


We spent hours skiing in the sunshine – I even got a slight sunburn! The conditions were perfect and I was able to improve my skiing technique. If you’re interested in seeing me ski then go check out my Highlight Story “Zillertal” on my Franzis Footprints Instagram Channel. We skied from Zell to Gerlos to visit the Rösslalm for lunch where I enjoyed a generous portion of “Kässpatzen”. After some more hours of skiing we were transferred back to our hotel. As we got offered to stay in a more luxurious accommodation for the last night, namely the Hotel Hochleger Chalets, we checked out at the Pop Down Hotel in Ried and headed off to the Chalet up in the mountains.

Words can’t describe how amazing this Chalet is! The rooms are furnished with the most comfortable beds, a fireplace and wait for it… a bathtub on the balcony! I’ve never seen that before and I was so overwhelmed. Of course, I had to give it a try and guess what: I had the best bath of my life with amazing mountain views and a glass of wine to top off this unforgettable experience. This private chalet also offers a sauna, Jacuzzi and a amazing views down to the valley. We had a wonderful last evening together, drinking wine, enjoying great food, talking about future projects and coworking. A great way to finish this wonderful trip to Zillertal.


Overall, we had an incredibly beautiful winter holiday with lots of fun, quality time, great conversations and epic panoramic views. We met new people, took amazing pictures of this beautiful scenery and grew closer together as friends. I highly enjoyed cooperating with Zillertal tourism association and I’m very thankful for this wonderful experience. If you’re looking for a perfect winter getaway with your family or friends with amazing skiing pistes, don’t miss out on the Zillertal. For more impressions take a closer look at my Franzis Footprints Instagram Highlight Story of “Zillertal”. You can also find a short video clip of these days on my IGTV Channel or on Youtube.

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