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Keeping with the slogan “experience yourself like you never did before!” we spent two exciting days with Jochen Schweizer in the winter wonderland of the Austrian alps  How should I start to resume these amazing days? Maybe the most suitable way would be to start with my key learning: When feeling lost and overwhelmed by the challenges of the daily life, take some time to do something extraordinary you normally don’t do and you will be refreshed and get new focus! Indeed this mindset fits just so good to me and my past as travelling, encountering new cultures and meeting fascinating people all around the globe give me so much strength, self-esteem, satisfaction and gratitude. At this point, a huge “thank you” to the whole team of Jochen Schweizer for this unforgettable trip!

Experience yourself like never before

As you might have noticed, the last weeks were very stressful for me due to my other obligations with my master’s thesis, the social media management business and other projects so that my actual passion – travelling – became rather kind of “burden” to me, so I decided to stop it for a while and rest some time at home in Southern Germany. And truly, recharging the batteries and refocusing is so essential and was exactly what I have needed.

When i felt that kind of burnt-out and was super annoyed by all my duties, I received this press trip invitation from Jochen Schweizer right in the perfect moment. This trip has revealed my inner persuasions and core values and showed me for what my heart is still beating deep inside of me. I am so so blessed for this opportunity to travel the whole world, working online as a blogger and location independent social media manager and earning money along the way. It´s such a big honor for me that Jochen Schweizer saw my potential and gave me the chance to participate on this amazing 2-days press event in Hintertux. It´s motto “experience yourself like never before” actually speaks for itself. But it was not only a time full of adventure, laughter, winter sport and excellent Austrian food (I am sooo in love with it´s typical dish “Kaiserschmarrn!”). It was also a very emotional and energizing time for me. It brought me back to my deepest aspirations and main goals in life.

Unforgettable days with Jochen Schweizer at the Hintertux Glacier

We started our bus trip together from Munich with several other bloggers. At this point of time we had no clue where we were actually going, as it was kind of a surprise trip. While driving, we found out that we are going to Hintertux, which is a really nice Austrian skiing area with amazing alp panorama – the absolute winter wonderland. Even though I am such a summer lover and usually prefer being at the beach with good music and a cold cocktail in my hands, I have to admit that winter sports in the Alps is not less attractive and a guarantor of fun and adventure!

Jochen Schweizer Hintertux Glacier Austria Ski

On the first day we had the choice between paragliding, snowshoeing, skiing and free-riding. Due to the weather conditions and the heavy wind, paragliding could not take place and so I decided to join the snowshoeing tour. Hiking through this great landscape was just so stunning and more fun than expected. The absolute highlight of this day was the moment when we literally stepped into the Hintertux glacier. There was a little whole in middle of the mountain and our tour guide showed us the way into the glacier. We were about 35m under the ground, surrounded by ice and snow. This ice palace is a real unique natural treasure and so impressive with the long ice stalactites and the small paths into the heart of the cave. We slid through the glacier like small kids and had so so much fun together.

In the evening we had an amazing lodge and dinner party at Bergfried Alm with Austrian food and cheese fondue, a lot of mulled wine and good conversations. As you might imagine, many bloggers together in one room, enough to drink and a special atmosphere could create a fun night. Well, I would say this escalated faster than i thought, but it was just soooo soooo good. Definitely a night to remember!

Jochen Schweizer Hintertux Glacier Austria Ski

On the second day we went on a ski tour which was exactly what i needed. In general I can really recommend the area of Hintertux for winter sports and also our two accommodations Alpenhof and Klausnerhof are the perfect spots to start the day right. These hotels had such a nice and cozy atmosphere and are both equipped with really nice spa areas. A perfect oasis for relaxation to warm up the cold bodies after being in the snow all day long.

How an emotional breakdown led me back to my essentials

As already mentioned in the beginning, this event was also very emotional for me. We met Miriam Höller who is a stuntgirl and brand ambassador of Jochen Schweizer. She told us her own story with many ups and downs and severe strokes of fate in the last years. New experiences, travelling and collecting moments helped her to re-order her life and to regain new pleasure and happiness, when she was so depressed from her tragic destiny. I could not help myself but shed some tears as this emotional roller coaster story just reminded me of my own experiences of the past year. Maybe one day i will tell you the whole story about what exactly happened. For now, I can just tell you that i was soo soo down that I could not even laugh anymore. And I normally always laugh. Travelling helped me to endure this very tough emotional  time last winter. Turning shit moments in life into something good in the end is a big challenge. New experiences, seeing different places and meeting wonderful people from all over the world, helped me to survive the pain. Travelling was definitely once again my anchor in life, my salvation. It´s my ultimate solution to find healing and get back to myself, when something bad in my life happens. It opens up my mind and heart again. After rain, follows the sun, after the coldest winter there will always be summer again and even after the worst heartbreak, life goes on and you will love again one day. New amazing experiences, adventures, trips to different places etc, help to reset your mindset and replace the bad feelings with something good again.

For that purpose I am already looking forward to my next bigger trips in 2019 and making first plans where to go and what to see next. Because in the end, it is just so important to enjoy our lives to the fullest and make the most out of it. We´ll never know how long we will stay this healthy and strong as we are today. I want a life in euphoria and abundance. I want to feel myself living, not just existing. Especially Christmas time makes us even more aware of these things and let us reflect, so we can focus more on the essentials.

Jochen Schweizer Hintertux Glacier Austria Ski

Quality-time as the ultimate xmas present

When it comes to Christmas presents, for me new experiences are just the best ones. This is why I always gift “time together” – while making something new and special with your loved ones. Sharing unique moments instead of just giving away material stuff is so special, as the memories and good thoughts about it will last forever in our hearts. Therefore, collect unforgettable moments that last forever and experience yourself like you never did before! I will definitely do this again in 2019 and I am already excited where my path will lead me next. Maybe Australia, maybe the Caribbean or Hawaii? Let´s see! If you are also searching for some inspiration and want to breakout of the routine, Jochen Schweizer is definitely the right address to book an unique adventure.

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