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Having big plans and dreams is good and important – and somehow that´s what life is all about. But there are times where it feels like you are not getting any step closer to achieving your goal. I know that feeling, because I have been there before. There was a time of my life where I just stopped learning new things. I was trapped in job I hated and where I did the same things each and every day. Then I found out what was the missing part and therefor the reason why I was not growing personally and professionally anymore: Education!

I looked out for ways on how to educate myself while working and things got better really quick. I want to show you some easy ways how you can learn new things – with less time and money. But it still will be worth it – I promise!

Read books – but also work with them!

Obviously books are a great way to educate yourself – if it’s the right one! I started reading guidebooks and I want to change the way you see books. For a really long time I treated mine as my sanctuaries. I didn’t even dogeared them! Today I still love my books, but I want to WORK with them. And you should try that too, if you really want to learn with them. Mark your favorite lines, make notes and in the end sum up the book in your own words. Try to get as much knowledge out of them as you can! Let them teach you!

reading books for education

Take online courses and use the Internet wisely

The internet brings us so many great opportunities – just as online courses! Especially when you are working as a digital nomad, this option is a very important one for you. You can complete them at the beach or while sitting at home in your PJs! There are a lot of courses that deal with different topics. From financial knowledge and even spiritual things to online marketing – there are no borders when it comes to education on the internet.

I really like looking for online courses at udemy. Sometimes you can be lucky and find courses for free or ones that are reduced. It is super easy to handle!

But the Internet does not only give us online courses: There are also free blogposts and e-books, Podcasts and YouTube Videos. A lot of experts out there are willing to share their knowledge with you. I think this is a great way of learning, because you can pick those things, that you are really interested in. We should be grateful for all this free education on the internet and that we have access to it without any limitations.

internet education

Work with a coach or look for role models

As I said before there are some moments in life where you simply don’t know where your road might lead you. I think a great way to focus on the things you really want and learn throughout this whole process is working with a coach. Coaches are trained in helping you to find your own way and to focus on your strengths.

You might have heard of Franzis Coaching program, which i am attending as well. She shows you how to live a location independent life as a digital nomad / online entrepreneur / freelancer and gives you the best tips for your own Online Business, Personal Branding and Social Media Marketing. I can highly reccommend you to check out her coaching sessions, if you want to learn more in this field.

I personally like learning from other people which is why I also try to surround myself with my role models or mentors. Do you know any person who has already achieved what is your dream? Try to get to know these people and learn from their behavior and their manners. Even if they are famous: you could read their biography or follow them on their social media. Again: we live in times where it is super easy to get inspired and learn so we should use our opportunities!


The easiest way to learn new things is travelling. Not only you get to know other cultures and religions, the history about the destination you´re visiting and a lot of other things…the best part for me is talking to the locals. I love the part where you learn about their way of life and how they see the world. That is the one thing about travelling that changed me the most. On every trip I made I learned so many things in such a short amount of time. Try to be more openminded when you´re on the road. See the small things and let them affect you. You will learn so many things about yourself and it will change you in a great way.

Join or build up a mastermind group

Building my own mastermind group and get connected to three like-minded girls was a real gamechanger in my life. The first thing is that you can share your dreams with each other and help and support one another in fulfilling them. But as you hear about their goals and dreams and how they try to achieve it you learn so many things. It is the exchange that is so valuable and it helps you to broaden your mind.

If you don’t know any people in your surroundings that have the same interests as you, you can simply use social media to find like-minded people. I have never seen the girls of my mastermind group in real life, but we have this strong connection now and it just feels great. I am sure everybody benefits from such an exchange!

self education with mastermind groups

Join business and networking events

Another important thing you can do is visiting events or listen to talks about specific topics. You could even attend at workshops to educate yourself. Once a month I look for those kinds of events that are around my corner and visit some of them.

To find special events I like using Eventbrite. It is a platform with events from all over the world – so even if you are hanging in a hammock at the beach in Bali you can look for cool events to attend.

Bonus tip: find the one thing you love

I promise you this: if you find the one thing you love, you´ll do anything to spend your time with it. If you really love what you´re doing, learning new things about it will be easy. Because it doesn’t feel like learning at all. It is more like wanting to see a process and the urge of getting better.

For example, when I started my own blog I learned everything about SEO and Social Media because I really wanted to work things out for me. Some days I spent many hours in front of my laptop but it never felt like working at all. I enjoyed learning all these new things, because it was, and still is, the thing I love.

I hope this blogpost reminds you of educating yourself from time to time and to never stop learning. As you can see, it is super easy nowadays and we should use all of those great opportunities.

Guestarticle by Vany Visits:

Hi, my name is Vany and I am from Germany. Right now I am working on my digital nomad life, so that I can combine working and travelling and live a happy life. I love travelling because it teaches me so many things about life and about myself. It is what inspires the most. On my german blog I try to inspire people to live their dreams and focus on what they really wanna do in life. And I also share some of my travel stories with my follower on Social Media. If you want to have a look – this is my Blog: http://www.vanyvisits.com.

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