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So unpractical and old-school and once I even had to pay a large amount of money as several bills did not reach me for a long time. Horror, especially for online entrepreneurs like me.

I needed something new! A modern method, fitting the requirements of the digital world. And while doing my research, i came across CAYA, which rewarded me with THE solution for my bad paper problem. Their system digitizes letters and provides them online for you, either in the web version or via smartphone app. In the following, I’m going to explain you, how this all works, as it’s very easy to use!

How to start digitizing your letters?

The first step is to register at CAYA and to specify your address. CAYA automatically sets up a change of address order for you, so your letter mail get’s always forwarded to their scan center where your post is automatically scanned. You are worried about data protection? You don’t have to. It’s an absolutely responsible handling of data and compliance with the data protection laws. That’s also very important to me, because I often receive confidential post for example from my bank.

As soon as you receive some new letters, you can find them online in your mailbox! You get a push-notification via app or a short message in an email. Using the app on your phone is super practical, because you can carry all your important documents and letters with you and don’t miss anything relevant along your way!


Also, your letters are clearly represented with subject and sender for a better overview. One more benefit of this system is that you can just type in a keyword you are looking for and the letter you were searching for pops up right away. In addition to that, CAYA is archiving all your post, so you can rely on the originals at any time without storing them in big ring binders.

How do I use CAYA optimally for me?

At first you can choose a price model on https://www.getcaya.com/ that fits you best: You can choose between the Lite, Premium and Unlimited plan that are priced between 9 and 89 €. So I think these are options for every budget and quite affordable.

caya digitizing letters

I got myself the Premium-Version, which is perfect for a digital nomad like me who uses the digital mailbox mainly for business reasons. It costs 25€ a month and you can receive post from up to five different addresses. Also you can demand relevant originals and let them send to your home. If you got questions in anything, the CAYA team is very supportive and friendly in helping you.

The next step is to set up your account where you have to fill out required data like your addresses from which you want to receive your post in a digital way. Your change of address order (to forward your mail) is made online so you even don’t have to go to a post office.

When everything is set up, you can easily see all your letters online in the folder “inbox”. Moreover you can either decide to delete or archive them. Also you can download them or request the original to be sent over to your home address. This also makes your bookkeeping much more easy in the end.

digitizing letters caya

Your digital travel buddy – practical, easy and revolutionary!

As a proof of concept, CAYA is awarded by the eKomi seal and got a ranking of 4.3 of 5. Go check it out on https://www.ekomi.de/bewertungen-.getcaya.com.html. Myself, i totally agree with that ranking, because i am really satisfied with their offer and service and this is, why i really want to recommend this app to you as your new digital mailbox, if you are longer away from home or just want to keep or regain control on all the financial and contractual information daily received via letter mail.

CAYA really helped me to get a systematic overview of all my letters even though i spend the most of the year away from home! It’s so easy and practical, especially for travelers, who don’t want to miss important news. Also if you are looking for a specific letter from a few months ago you can just type in a keyword in the search engine and it comes up with the letter you are looking for. So you won’t lose any important documents anymore and have them with you all the time and all over the world. That’s so revolutionary! Try it for your own!


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