You are frustrated in your job or university and you are dissatisfied with your actual situation? The feeling of being stuck in your daily routine with the view of doing this ordinary 9 to 5 job for the rest of your life scares you almost to death? No worries, I have a solution for you!

I have had exactly the same problem 1-2 years ago. My life looked completely different than it is today. I was working in a normal 9 to 5 office job, nothing special. Basically, I had all I needed: A nice apartment, a bachelor’s degree, a good job, lots of friends, tons of clothes and other material stuff, great parties and so on. But I still was not happy in my life and was always thinking about what could be the reason for this dissatisfaction.

I was always dreaming about something bigger and expected more from life. So I decided to break up with my old ordinary life and focused more on finding new goals. I changed my complete lifestyle, my mindset, the workplace and living conditions. I planned to work a few months on the Balearic island Ibiza to break out from my old life and start a new chapter. And I can tell you, it was the best decision that i have made so far! Ibiza was also the place, where the idea of living and working as a location independent online entrepreneur came to my mind.

Now I’m traveling the world and I´m working completely location independent from everywhere I want. This is not a joke! What may sound like a pure dream, became reality to me. In just less than one year everything changed!

location independent work

How to become location independent?

Within this article I will show you how to achieve this way of living, how to combine traveling and working, for a much more independent and happier version of you.

Thanks to digitalization, it became possible to work from everywhere in the world. You will just need your laptop and Wifi to get connected to your coworkers and customers. This new work opportunity and different way of living is called digital nomadism. It makes it possible to work at places where others just spend a view days of holidays and it upgrades your life quality enormously. Every day is different and full of new adventures. You can create every single day as you want it to be. But first of all, you have to figure out if you are a person for a life without daily routines. Every human is different and the location independent life is not an option for everybody. If you are for example a control freak and can’t renounce securities and structures, the life of a digital nomad probably won’t fit you. But if you feel very depressed in your everyday life, you want to travel the world, create every day according to your imagination and wishes and you don’t have problems with self-discipline than the life of a digital nomad is completely yours, like it is mine!

There are many areas in which you can work remotely, for example Social Media Management, Design, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Writing, IT and many more. It is important to first of all define what your passion is and what your skills are. Every person has a potential to have a special talent. So don’t be scared and do what you love!

Moreover, you have the opportunity to be employed as a digital nomad, to work as a freelancer or to start your own business. If you decide to be a freelancer or want to open your own business, the first steps you may have to think of can be a bit overwhelming. Because you have to organize yourself regarding the registration of your business form, taxes and where to find first jobs or clients.

Create your own dream life and kickstart now!

Looking back, just one and a half years ago my life was totally different than now. I worked in a normal marketing office from 9 to 5 every day in cold Germany and was super unhappy in this situation. I am not the person for routines and days looking absolutely the same. Without any excitement. But I live for the high life. I want to feel it in every cell of my body that I am alive. Not just existing. That’s why I took a big step last year and decided to become a digital nomad, or let’s be more precisely a location independent freelancer, social media manager, blogger, writer, translator and coach. I love Monday’s and don’t just live for the weekends, cause I create my week how I want it. The pool is my office today! On others days it’s the beach, the co-working space, a nice cafe or restaurant or even my bed. Thailand, Bali, Ibiza, Germany… i choose my place of living and if I am in the mood for a spontaneous trip somewhere, I just go. Nobody to ask for! And also no complaints anymore cause every day is different and absolutely exciting. I am high on life and euphoria is my best friend. And now I am asking you: How you want to live? Choose wisely. 

If you want to create your own dream life, you should not wait any longer to go on a one-on-one coaching call via Skype or WhatsApp with me, where we can discuss all of  your issues. We can prepare yourself mentally to resolve your limiting beliefs and I can give you best advice from all my practical experience. I will support you in every question concerning traveling, finding jobs online, starting your own online business or how to get a much more positive mindset about your life in general and especially your plans to travel. So stop complaining about your boring life and kickstart NOW by booking your call under

location independent work

Join the DNX tribe

Also it may be interesting for you to know that there is the international DNX festival (digital nomad festival, english speaking) going on in Lisbon on the 22nd and 23rd of September this year. 

The DNX organizes big events with famous speakers and specialists, camps and workshops in the whole world to unite loads of digital nomads for online business topics. While doing this, the DNX has already built up a strong network of digital nomads around the globe and a real online community. Working with this great international team and being part of that wonderful movement makes me incredibly happy and proud. Because we are the kids, changing the future! Join us and be part of our tribe! 

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