Ibiza’s little sister island Formentera is just soooo fucking beautiful! I absolutely fell in love with its crystal clear water, white beaches, hidden bays and unique cultural sights! And the best – this incredible and cute Balearic Island with only 82 square meters is just 30 minutes away from Ibiza, by ferry.

The perfect way to explore this impressive piece on earth is by car, scooter or bicycle. In Europe, Formentera is also known as the Mediterranean Caribbean and with good reason! So keep on reading for my absolute insider tips and favorite spots of this amazing island.

How to get from Ibiza to Formentera

Formentera can not directly be reached by plane, but really good by ferry from its sister Island Ibiza. On Ibiza you can start from a little port Playa ‘en Bossa or from Ibizas main harbour and arrive in La Sabina on Formentera in only around 30-50 minutes depending on the company you choose for transportation.  Once arrived at Formenteras harbor, you can either directly rent a car, scooter or bike.

Before you leave La Sabina port, you should better check out the cute little stalls on the strip, which offer nice souvenirs, jewelry and clothing as well as yummi restaurants. Formentera is just the perfect destination for a breathtaking short trip from Ibiza. I think between one and three days is perfect to spend there and absolutely enough because of the size of the island. Believe me, this isle will definitely becharm you.

Lighthouse of Cap de Mola

Formentera offers two great and historical lighthouses which once showed sailors their way. The first one is located in the northeast of the island. It’s the perfect place for watching the waves in the Mediterranean and enjoying the calm and beautiful landscape. Really amazing is the fact, that if the weather circumstances are fitting well, you can see Africa from the 140m high cliffs of Cap de Mola.

Don’t miss this amazing place!! Honestly, Cap de Mola offered me the most beautiful view I have seen in a long time and I’ve really seen a lot of amazing places lately. Walk along the cliffs to the right hand side and you will spot crystal clear water in a precipice. Also we were even surprised by some super cute dolphins!! I was blown away by this magical moment!

On your way to Cap the Mola you can stop for an eat break at the restaurant El Mirador. As it’s located in the high plateau of El Pilar, you will have a magnificent view over almost the entire island. Driving on, you should pass a serpentine road and the quiet village El Pilar. Usually you will only find locals unless you come here on a Wednesday or Sunday. Then the hippy market takes places which attracts tourists and local people. It’s great for shopping some unique souvenirs, handicrafts and clothings. The market is accompanied by amazing live music which brings you in holiday mood. 

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Lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria

Relax, take deep breaths and enjoy the amazing view at the steep coast. Especially for couples it’s an absolute insider tipp. Particularly at sunset or sunrise this is the most romantic place ever. And if you wanna explore something really special; you should not miss the underground cave! Just a few meters right next to the lighthouse is a hole in the ground which you can climb down. It’s not that big though, but a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean sea is waiting for you.

Come here by car or scooter, passing San Francisco. As there is nothing else that pure landscape and without houses, you will directly find the path that leads to the lighthouse. If you are interested in the history of Formentera, you can do a stopover in San Francisco, visiting the free museum of local history. 

No Formentera without an extensive beach break!

Ready for some tan at the beach and a dive in the most impressive water you may have ever seen? Then you are absolutely right at this piece of heaven.

Ses Salines & Playa de ses Illetes (Playa de Llevant)

Beautyness Overload! This amazing nature reserve is considered as World Heritage of UNESCO and convinces with super clear water, white beaches and perfect opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Especially the rich love this place and come here with their impressive yachts.

If you get hungry I can absolutely recommend the two restaurants El Pirata and Beso Beach. These are not a bargain but extremely cool. Don’t miss the magical sunrise and sunset here which brings you into another world.  From the harbor you can easily take a bike and drive along the salt flats within 20-30 minutes to the beach.

Playa de Migjorn

Discover the longest beach of the island! With a lengths of 6 km it offers everything for anyone. You can either sunbath on the white sand beach or the flat rock, in the dunes or enjoying time in a beach bar. No matter if you come here as a family, couple or nature lover – you will definitely find your favorite spot and it’s not too busy. What I liked most were the bigger waves, bringing you a lot of fun, when it’s a bit windy.

The best spots on Formentera

Playa de sa Roqueta

This place is so beautiful, quite hidden and just too cute to be true. I’ve had a wonderful time here in the clear water, sunbathing on the white sand beach and having dinner in one of the great restaurants.

Es Palmador

This is a must do if you come here! Es Palmador is a small and beautiful island which is unhabited, just a few meters away from the northern beaches. When there is low tide, you can even walk over from Formentera. Otherwise just take a ferry from La Savina. What you definitely should not do is swimming over! It can become quite dangerous referring to the current.

I am just overwhelmed by the beauty of the small, stunning and still quite untouched island and I can warmly recommend you to make a detour here. Dont´t miss it! In case you want to see some more impressions with pictures and videos from my Formentera tour, check out my Instagram Highlight story! And if you want to discover my top favorite beaches on Ibiza, also read the article about my top 5 secret beaches on the magical island.

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