Ibiza is such a magical place with loads of myths. Especially the area around Es Vedra, Ibiza´s most famous rocks directly in front of the islands southwest, you can hear a lot of legends about his special energies. Within this blogpost i will tell you my magical top secret spots of Ibiza and will explain you where you can find them. It is going to be spiritual!

The magical rocks of Es Vedra

The uninhabited rock island Es Vedra sticks with its 400 metres height out of the sea in front of Ibiza´s beautiful bay Cala d´Hort. It is made of limestone and is third most magnetic spot on earth.

Legends say that it was the home of the sirens and nymphs and the place of birth of goddess Tanit. Because of its magic and myth, many believe in its inspiring energy and healing impact on people. Especially for Ibiza´s hippy scene, this place has a powerful meaning.

If you want to get the best view to Es Vedra, drive to Cala d´Hort, but before you arrive there take the junction to Torre des Savinar. You will have to take a shitty dirt road to get to a little parking area from where you need to take the right one of two paths, that lead you to the edge of the cliffs, where Ibiza´s local and tourist watch the breathtaking sunset over Es Vedra together. Nowhere in the world i have seen more stunning sunsets that at this place. Real magic is in the air! Went there now around 10-15 times and it never bored me at all, because it is everytime again a real blast! Take some beers or a bottle of wine and some tapas with you, feel the pure energy of freedom and enjoy a stunning orange-purple-violet sunset that you will never forget.  Went there once with an old hippie van from a friend and it was absolutely amazing!

Ibizas magical top secret spots Es Vedra

The sunken city of Atlantis

Myths say that Es Vedra is the tip of the sunken civilisation Atlantis, a wonderful place, that you must have seen! Starting at the same parking area near Torre des Savinar, where you get to the Es Vedra viewpoint, you can take the left path of the two, leading you directly into another world.

After a ca. 30 minutes walk down to this wonderful spot, you will arrive at the beautiful beach of Sa Padrera, how Atlantis is actually called. Along this wander tour you will see loads of hippy signs, different ritual stone formations and some hidden coves, that are often used by hippies for a magical sleepover under the stars or to catch some shadow during a hot beach day.

We did a little stopover in the middle of the walk to take a snack, where we found another little hippie cove and a sandy plateau with a huge stone with a graffiti mushroom on it. From there you have an absolute insane view down to Atlantis and get some tan on the sandy platform.

Ibizas magical top secret spots - Atlantis, the sunken city

Arriving down by the beach, you will see loads of spiritual signs and impressive crystal clear water, that absolutely invites for a swim. But watch out for the jelly fishes, that like to hide themselves around the stone formations of Atlantis.

Walking up again after a wonderful beach day at the sunken city of Ibiza, you may see also some fully equipped climbers, trying to scramble up the steep mountain, when the sun is low and it is not so hot anymore.

Take your camera when you come here to capture this unique scenery with its breathtaking nature. For this trip i highly recommend solid shoes like sneakers or wander shoes and please make sure that you take enough water and maybe also something to eat with you, because the way down and up again is quite challenging, especially for untrained people, depending on which path you take.

Ibiza´s Stonehenge and the secret doors of Cala Llentia

Actually, we were on our way to Cala Codolar, when we mistakenly took the wrong way by scooter and ended up at a stony path, leading us to Cala Llentia, the neighbour bay of Cala Codolar. On our ca. 5 minutes walk to Cala Llentia we discovered an impressive stone formation, that looks like Stonehenge. The 13 stones of the monument Time & Space – The Speed of Light by Andrew Rogers, a famous Australian artist, are placed above the cliffs with a direct view to Es Vedra. The tallest of the columns was built in the centre of the circle and is topped with 23-carat gold.

Ibizas magical top secret spots time&space ibiza stonehenge

Around 5 minutes walking from the Time & Space monument to the east, you can find two spectacular looking old doors surrounded by nothing more than nature. Entering the ancient wooden doors, that were also erected by Andrew Rogers, you have the direct view towards Es Vedra and Ibiza´s Stonehenge. It is so much fun there, because it is the best scenery to take super cool and unique pictures of your incredible time on my favorite island.

top secret spots ibiza - magical doors

For me, these locations are real spiritual places of myth, miracles and loads of magic and should definitely be a must-visit on your Ibiza bucket, when you come to the amazing white island. You will love it! And don´t miss to make a stop at beautiful Cala Llentia for a little refreshment. It is so wonderful there!

To check out more secret beaches on the magical island ibiza, read also my blogpost “Anti touristic program! – Discover the top 5 secret beaches on Ibiza!”.

Ibizas magical top secret places - Cala Llentia

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