You want do go traveling but have no clue how this all should work for you? You are too scared to take the next step to start the craziest journey of your life? Sometimes it all just needs one decision and some help to open your eyes. 

Do you actually know what barriers you the most to let your dream of going travelling become reality?
Your limiting beliefs! And within this article i will explain you more about it and show you how to dissolve them, so that you feel good to go travelling. If you want to choose freedom, like i did, better keep on reading now!

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About limiting beliefs

Beliefs are thoughts that are deeply rooted in you and therefore become your “truth”. Often you don’t consciously realize them, but they unconsciously determine your thoughts, actions, decisions and your whole life every day. Beliefs have usually been anchored as a child through education, experience and the environment and the most of them still determine your life.

If you don’t want them anymore to influence your future in a negative way, it’s important to be aware of them in order to work on their dissolution as a part of the personal development. Recognize your limiting beliefs, is the first step to dissolve them and start a liberated life with no limits! Below, I’ll show you possible limiting beliefs that may hinder you from going on your next big journey and show you some ways how to get rid of them.

“I cannot afford travelling”

This is of course not always but quite often just an excuse from lazy or limited people. Of course, you can not and will never afford it, if you don’t allow that the money can find you! With this thought, you are in a need and with this you stop creating. That is how the universe works! Ask yourself “HOW can I afford it?”. So you stimulate your brain for productive solutions and create various possibilities to finance your journey. Starting my travels, I was in minus on my bank account. But with hard work and positive affirmations i draw money back into my life. I was also looking for innovative ways on how to make my dream come true. Common ways of earning money for travelling are promotion, waiter or bartender jobs.With this jobs you can make money upfront or directly in the country you want to check out. If you are looking for a job abroad, it can also be an option to work as an au-pair or fruit-picker.

You may have thought about these two options – but now I have the ultimate solution for you to earn money  easily even on the go, during your travels: The magic word here is “digital nomadism”. That’s exactly what i discovered for myself last year: Being a digital nomad means to work location independent from all over the world by the use of digital technologies. Starting with that, jobs as virtual assistants are a good option, where you can support companies online via project management tools in fields like social media management, customer support, accounting and bookkeeping, scheduling, etc. Solopreneurs and small companies are always happy for getting some help. Thus the possibilities are really huge and multifaceted. You don’t need to have a work visa – just your laptop, mobile phone and a small business registered e.g. in Germany to be able to write invoices as a freelancer. Check out my one-on-one-live-coaching sessions now, in case you want to learn more about how to work location indcoachingependent from everywhere you dream of. 

“I cannot take time off in my job / studies”

To be fair, this is really easier, when you are a student, than when being employeed somewhere, but even with a solid job, it’s absolutely possible! It always depends on your priorities on life and on how much effort it is worth spending it for you to get the possibly greatest time of your life.

If you are working, ask yourself the following questions: “Have I ever asked my boss, if a longer absence would be possible for me?” If not, then do it! And also ask yourself: “Do I really want to stay in this company forever or do I also dare to apply elsewhere after my stay abroad?” There isn’t just one company in this world you can work for! Even if it’s contrary to your natural security needs, in my opinion sometimes you just have to jump into the cold water and take a risk to improve something in your life! And maybe there will open up other great opportunities that you haven’t even thought about yet!

If you are a student you can either travel during the semester break, between Bachelor and Master or simply during a holiday semester and within this time you can experience so much! Maybe you’re thinking now: “I would love to but I have to study in regular time to get a good job.” Sorry but concerning this, I need to contradict you now, because according to my work experiences that’s not crucial. For many, especially international companies it’s even advantageous, if you have been abroad for a long time. Traveling improves language and personal skills and gets you to know different cultures. An absolute plus for many employers.

“A CV gap doesn’t look good!”

It really doesn’t matter, if you study one or two semesters longer. Most of the employers love experienced and cosmopolitan people and often prefer those in a competitive comparison. It’s increasingly important for companies to have an experienced intercultural exchange. You get to know different cultures while traveling, so you can take on different perspectives, you are independent, solution-oriented, resilient and open-minded. Connecting your stay abroad with a social project or language lessons – even better, because then you have something really convincing, which you can tell in your next job interview.

“I still need to plan everything.”

So what?! Haven´t planned anything yet, is exactly what the fun of life can be! You may never again be as free in your decisions and actions as in a stay abroad! So you don’t have to have everything planned down to the last detail. For what? Plans change anyways all the time during travels, believe me! Just choose a start country and location, book a one-way flight and an accommodation for at least the first 3 nights. That´s it! Everything else will show up then! You get to know the country and it’s people super fast, especially other travelers in hostels. They will tell you which things you should definitely see and maybe you’ll also meet a nice travel buddy. That’s why I don’t need a travel guide for longer trips, when I’m not limited in time. Just let yourself drift and enjoy life and never forget the most important rule for travellers: Going with the flow!

“I don’t speak English / Spanish, etc. well enough”

Did you actually know that for example the german school English, is absolutely good enough to come around in the world quite easily? But also with semi-professional English, you can communicate for example by using mini dictionaries or your non-verbal communication skills like facial expressions and body language. So don’t argue that your language skills are not good enough. After all, you’re also going to travel to speak and understand it better than before. You don’t have to be perfect, because you will improve it anyways along your journey. Arriving there, you’ll get used to speak this particular foreign language very quickly. And in case of an emergency: People of your mother tongue can be found everywhere!

“Nobody can join me on my travels and i don´t want to be alone!

For a longer trip it’s sometimes not so easy to find someone who would like to travel to the same countries like you, is free in the same period of time and where it is fitting well together. Nevertheless, your dream doesn’t have to fail because of that! You’re an adult, smart, strong and old enough to be able to do these insane experiences on your own!

Most of the time it gets even better, if you go solo-travelling. As a result, you get to know other travelers much faster, because you will be more open-minded than you would usually be! For me it’s always crazy and incredibly great to see how many like-minded people hang around in hostels all together in one place! With these you can spend parts of your travels together, share experiences and go on great adventures that you will never forget! When i go travelling i always make a bunch of new friends everywhere i go and this is not because i am always the most outgoing person in the world. It´s just that it is sooo easy to get to know to people when you leave the comfort zone of your normal life.

Did you recognize yourself in some aspects i mentioned above? Don’t be limited by your beliefs, which are already outdated anyway. Refresh them, live your dreams and start travelling NOW! The best time of your life is right in front of you!

If you still have questions or doubts or you just feel “not ready” for this all, i can offer you to go on a coaching call via Skype or WhatsApp with me and we solve this, for sure! I can help you with preparing yourself mentally and with all my practical travel knowledge for your trip and together we can resolve your limiting beliefs. I will support you in every question concerning traveling, finding jobs online or how to get a much more positive mindset about your life in general and especially your plans to travel. Your time is NOW, so better don´t hesitate to contact me!

Check out my coaching site here.

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