When I am surrounded by music, my heart beats faster! Automatically. And it doesn’t matter if it is a sad love song when I am heartbroken, a relax house song while chilling at the beach or if it is a wild dance song. Music has such a strong impact on our emotions and mindsets that we shouldn’t just take it for granted. Loads of DJs, songwriters and singers are working hard on producing wonderful songs to bring joy, happiness and ecstasy in our lives. Thank god! What would the world be without music? A real sad place. In the following article, I will tell you about my experiences with music and how I transferred my learnings out if it to my everyday life and mindset.

When electronic music stole my heart

My absolute favourite type of music is electronic music like Techno, but also EDM. Actually, my love for this kind of music was created in my first party holiday years ago, when I travelled with friends of mine to the famous Zrce Beach in Novalja on the island Pag. This place is THE place to be for electronic music in Europe. Of course, rank subordinated to my favourite island Ibiza :D. At Zrce Beach you can find incredible open-air clubs directly at the beach, which open their doors at day and night time for crazy party animals like me. This holiday was just magical, standing in a big crowd of super cool people dancing the nights away to smashing electronic sounds. Back in these days, I have fallen so in love with EDM music, especially with the tracks of Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Hardwell, Fedde le Grand and Headhunterz. One year later I was flying to Ibiza for the first time and ended up totally knocked out after one week of full-time-party. But after this holiday, everything had changed. Ibiza, the wildest island in the world, totally got my heart. This is why I always come back to this sick place on earth. 2017 I decided to pack my stuff for a total season, working there from April till October and I think, I don´t need to tell you that this was a very special time for me. There, also my love for TECHNO was born and this kind of music is pure ecstasy! These emotions could just be topped by having sex to techno music. Sorry for this quick excursion…

Be your own DJ

Putting on the dancing shoes to shake it off

Really, there could not be a better moment in my life than putting on my dancing shoes and turning the nights into days with my eyes closed, hands up in the air, just totally lost in the beats. There is no moment that I could remember, when I felt happier and more present in the here and now. I can enter a festival totally sober and would have the same feeling and I know this because I did it already several times before. For me, these special emotions just arise from the beats going through my body, while watching the laughing and shining faces of all the others around, sharing this experience with me. This music means so much to me, because I can completely recover from stress and negative emotions just by listening to my sounds of happiness. Of course, everyone has a different taste in music, but I think all of you could agree when I speak about the incredible impact that music has on feelings in general.

As a little child, I used to practice ballet for a long time, exchanged it then with hip-hop and ended up by dancing Cuban Salsa. My whole life, I have been completely connected to music and where music is, I always need to dance! My feet cannot stand still and it is even so bad that I dance in the car… which is super dangerous, if you would see me shaking around. Dancing is my absolute passion, where I am just focused on the rhythm. When I dance, I can forget everything around me and just enjoy that single moment to the fullest. And I think, thanks to these special moments I have learned a lot for my everyday life, too. Namely to take on every minute of your life as a gift, because it can be over faster than you think! Like the last drop of a blasting DJ Set or the last tone of a calm piano play.

Be your own DJ

Listening to the sound of life

The music of your life is everywhere, everywhere around you. All you need to do is listening! `We Are Your Friends´ with Zac Efron, who plays a young upcoming electronic music dj, who has to fall deep down in his life to learn to listen again. And I mean real listening, what the world has to tell him. Most of the sounds around us, we don’t hear anymore. 

We have forgotten to listen. Every noise of nature, like the sound of the birds, the raindrops falling down, the wind in our hair, the waves of the sea or the laughing of a child. All things we take for granted, because we are surrounded by it every day.

Appreciating the little things means also learning to listen again. And this is my biggest challenge right now! So I went for a run once WITHOUT using headphones. Just running and listening to the sound of nature, hearing what the world has to tell me like Zac Efron did in his movie. This scene really inspired me to do this and it was a wonderful experience to sharpen the senses.

And also Ibiza opened up a new horizon to think out of the box and around the corner! To be more aware and to live the moments as they come. And this is why I just can recommend you using this summer to make it YOUR SUMMER! This doesn’t mean that you need to quit your job and leave your home to party the whole summer. Or to get fucking wasted by misusing alcohol and drugs. This means more using the advantages of the summer, like the warm weather, for example, to create memories, that you will never forget and to learn to be present in the moment. But also to produce your own sounds of happiness, to be your own DJ.

Bring the sun and the music in your life and you will see how amazing life can be. Music makes me listen to my deepest feelings, my fears, my hopes and my joy. It triggers melancholy and anticipation, is stress valve and brings out the most honest way of feelings. Just one word of a song can remind you of something, you have already forgotten or repressed. Music is the key to your soul, if you listen precisely!

Be your own DJ

Feeling the music festival vibe

Festivals like the insane Ultra Music Festival in Miami, or Spring Break Europe at Zrce Beach, Electric Love in Austria or the Open Beatz Festival in the south of Germany are perfect to create a once in a lifetime experience. United with thousands of people from all over the world, just celebrating life together has such a great power and message for the world. All come together just for the music to a place where they forget about their religion and cultural differences or language barriers.

Singing and dancing together is the ONE thing that unites us all! And festivals are such a perfect start to experience this, if you don’t have the chance to work abroad like on Ibiza or somewhere else. But even just a short holiday trip to Ibiza, Croatia or Miami, for example, will fill up your heart with so many new experiences and memories and your soul will be full of energy that you will come back home as a different person. Fun moments like this combined with wonderful music give me the power to develop myself as a person, to work harder, to appreciate what I have, to live more consciously and to spread love everywhere I go.

Music - my life elixir

Be your own DJ and spread positive energy!

What is the life you want to create? It is totally up to you, how it should look like, because NOBODY ELSE is the boss of your life. It is just you, who is responsible for your life! So, if you are not happy with your life right now, my advice would be to start changing something and better do it NOW! Don’t waste your priceless time, being unhappy! Go out there and collect moments, not things. Create a life that is enjoyable, a life that is the best possible life you could probably live.

Go out there and inspire others. Spread your love, your joy, your ideas, your passion and your positive energy to all the other people out there! Write your own lyrics to describe your feelings and sing it out loud! Dance like there is no tomorrow and feel every pore of your body. Listen to the lyrics of the songs around you and if you don’t know them, just google it! In so many songs, you can find real life philosophies, if you learn to listen! Listen to the world out there and what the songwriters, DJs and singers want to share with you. Their words inspire me quite often to let my thoughts go to just feel again.

Be your own DJ




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