Escaping Ibiza´s noice and party scene

The most famous beach of Ibiza is probably the well-known party beach Playa d´en Bossa. Loud, busy as fuck and anything but a real beauty. But that´s just my personal taste. Laying in a row with a lot of drunken party people is not really my type of holiday. So i decided to find out more about secret places on the magical island ibiza. Because I love it more calm and hidden from the mass, it was clear to me, that i don´t get what i want, if i stay around Bossa, where i had been working for a half a year last summer. Thanks to my friend, who has rented a scooter for the season, we had the chance to go wherever we wanted to go to find a nice secret beach on ibiza. Renting a scooter is really the best thing you can do on the island to discover the bests spots. There is no better feeling than exploring the island on a scooter or cabrio with wind in your hair and sun on your skin. It´s pure freedom! But please take care of yourself and be prepared for the patholes! Ibiza´s curvy roads can be dangerous.

Finding the best secret beach on ibiza

After heading off to the south-western part of the island, we´ve bought some snacks and cold water at a little shop, which you can find along the road to the beach. And better prepare yourself with something to drink and eat. You will need it, believe me. We drove to the little beach restaurant Ses Boques, where we parked the scooter and checked, where we had to go next. We´ve found out, that we had to take an around 15 minutes walk over a lot of rocks and stones and exactly this was the moment when i´ve regretted my choice of shoes this day. If you want to go there, better wear sneakers for the start and take some flip flops for the beach with you. My Birkenstocks really weren’t made for this walk, but indeed I made it down to the beach, without bloody feet. Also you should calculate a bit more time for the walk because you will stop several times to take incredible fotos. The motives are breathtaking! Especially, when it comes to the end of the path, where you finally can see this insane beach! And guys, this is THE paradise beach, you´ve ever dream of!

Exploring the hidden spots of ibiza

Discovery tour like Robinson Crusoe

Because this little beach is really an insider tip, you will hardly find people there. If you have luck, you can even have Es Niu de s´Asguila for your own for the day, like we had. Unbelievable, how beautiful this little spot on earth is. Seeing this nature beauty in front of you offsets the hard way to get there. And I can promise you, that you will get the feeling that you´ve just discovered a total new territory. Namely a 200 meters long sandy-gravel beach with crystal clear water and an epic view. Immediately in front of you, a few rocks rise several meters high out of the water. And this hidden paradise is heaven on earth for snorkelers, who can explore a small offshore reef. No people, no loud music and noice, no hurly-burly! But also no beach beds or parasols, no restaurant and no WC, where we now come to the more unpleasant part of the story. But because you´ve already known after reading this article, it was clever to buy some provisions before. So you are safe at least in this case. And in the background of the beach there are some trees, under which you will find some shady spots.

Collect moments, not thingsEs Niu de s’Aguila is actually the house beach for the inhabitants of the villas above the rock, but like I said before, the beach is normally quite empty. Also because the biggest obstacle for families with children and older people is probably the difficult accessibility. I would recommend this place, which is for me the perfect getaway, especially to couples, who want to enjoy the calm and their togetherness. If you long for loneliness and love the original and natural atmosphere, this is your perfect secret beach and an experience you will never forget!


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