When you work in another city / country you can easily feel lost… because your living structure, which you are used to from home is literally gone. You are alone from the first day.

A very special person, that I met in Ibiza, said once to me: You should go new ways, each single day! And now I realized how much truth and sense is hidden in this little quote.

Because standing still causes no progress. And sometimes the hardest paths lead to the most beautiful places. I think it would be absolutely horrible to miss them, just because of being stuck in the daily routine. Stepping out of the own comfort zone and to see the beauty, life has to offer to us all, isn´t easy, but it is worth taking a chance!

Every progress, every development contains change. And accepting changes is for me on personal one of the hardest things I had to learn in the last years. You cannot change everything. But every try is one step in the right direction.

Everyday is a new adventure, because you really don´t know what you get. One day, good things happen over and over again that you think you´re literally standing under a waterfull of luck. But on the other day everything can be changed and you feel like the whole wide world is against you. With the days there come the relationships. Relationships to people, who first were strangers to you and on the next day before you could turn around, they can mean so much to you. You meet people from all around the world here… People with the same goals and dreams in your life like you. Namely to life on the most beautiful island in the world.

This island offers you so much and doesn’t ask for something in return. Sometimes it seems like the only Ibiza rule is that Karma is gonna solve everything on its own. Because… Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.

And if you have a positive mindset and you´re good to others, the good things come in return, for sure. Maybe not directly now, but they will!

Ibiza is full of emotions i can tell you… And not every emotion is a good one!

But feeling down, small and depressed means just that you became able to appreciate the good times so much more! And after a storm with rain and wind, comes the sun again… or even a rainbow.

For me, the key to happiness while living abroad is to life every moment as it is. And if you have the chance to share this special moments with someone else, do it! Make as much good memories as possible together and you will create a long-lasting friendship, where the borders of the world doesn´t matter.


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