My lovely little island… you promised me so much! And what I´ve got was a f****** rollercoaster. Your ups and downs, your heights and your depths almost killed my positive mindset. And now I am telling you, why!

Best seats in my weird roller coaster of life!

Getting up in the morning, not knowing, what you´ll get this day is a strange feeling. You´ll never know, what is happening next. You´ll never know, if life is still the same, when you turn around. You wake up every day with the hope, ‘please, let this be a good day´. Without trouble. Without problems. Without arguments. With people, which you really like, but sometimes they really don’t give a s***!

A lot of them don’t care who you are, they don’t care how you feel, they don’t care what´s in your mind.  I also have never met so many superficial people like i´ve met on Ibiza. Smiling in your face, while speaking behind your back is one of the more harmless things, which I got to know here.

Everyone seems to be super busy and stressed, especially in high season. And all they do is running around, chasing dreams, looking for better opportunities and chances, they should probably take. But most of them don´t, at least on my point of view.

I´ve met so many people, who think, that the grass is greener on the other side. They think, life is just there to have the most possible fun. Relationships prevent them from being free, because this would mean, that they have to take responsibility for someone else. A thing, that so many people in my age and generation aren’t willing to do.

And I was getting too tired. Tired of conversations with people, who are not able to listen, to read between the lines… to care! But who said, that going abroad to work in a foreign country in an intercultural company, while living together with seven other people in a shared apartment, is going to be easy? NO ONE!

I´ve known before, that I have to accept a different standard of living, when I come to Ibiza. Living here usually means – besides hard work – exactly this, if you come as a season worker. Shared accommodations, switching flat- and roommates, ugly bunk beds with painful mattresses, no space for your stuff, dirty showers, no privacy and rare time for your own or for two (if you know what I mean :D). Sure thing, that this contains enough potential for arguments and disagreements with your flatmates, which are, at the same time, also your friends or/and colleagues.

Mindset change – total appreciation needed!

First of all, I was thinking about the fact, that living like this is just for a certain period of time. I´ve enjoyed the beauty and the offer of the island so much, that I´ve learned to accept the rest, which I couldn´t change at that moment. And in the end, it wasn´t that bad, how it probably sounds like. You really get used to it. Till that moment at the end of season, when all the workers are leaving. Then suddenly you know exactly, what you´ve had before.

Namely a little Ibiza family, containing of people from different countries chasing the same dream as you do. Free spirits, travellers, digital nomads, hippiesouls and open-minds. And then you realize, that this wonderful and crazy time is over now. Unfortunately. And I can tell you, it really hurts to say goodbye so many times, to people you´ve really learned to love.

I can really say, that I´ve spent the best six months in my whole live on Ibiza. And this, exactly because of its ups and downs. But living in a rollercoaster isn´t fitting to everybody. For me, it´s THE kind of living, which I prefer now, because normality is boring and the crazy ups and downs make me feel extremely alive. Comparable to this is the heartbeat measurement device you can see in hospitals with its curves, where standing still means dying.

Towards new shores…

I decided for myself, while I am on this earth I want to LIVE every moment of it. In good AND in bad times. In success AND in failure. And that’s why I am not returning to Germany to get back to my old (for me very boring) life. Don´t get me wrong, Germany and especially Bavaria, where I originally come from, isn´t that bad with its wonderful landscapes and the best infrastructure. And my lovely little flat, located in the centre of Augsburg´s oldtown (near of Munich) which I´ve rented while being on Ibiza, is already waiting for me. But the time abroad has changed me.

Now, coming home feels more like a temporary solution to visit family and friends and to plan the coming trips for the winter. I´ve realised, that I cannot go back to my old me. And this means, I need to go travelling again as soon as possible, which contains that first of all, I have to get rid off my stuff at home. I really have too many clothes, shoes, books etc. which I will probably never ever need again. And I think, Minimalism can be very satisfying! So I decided that I want to experience that way of living in the future.

Exploring the world became my biggest dream now and I´ve started this blog, to share my impressions with you, while being on a new adventure. Stay in touch, the next journey is going to be a bit more exotic destination, because Europe isn´t enough for me anymore. But, I am quite sure, that next summer I´ll come back to my freaky little isle – Ibiza, which has opened both for me: my mind AND my heart.

Magical sunset over Es Vedra, Ibiza

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